Loud Music Thoughts

I’m sorry, but I like my music loud. And I mean¬†loud.¬†I like to test the breaking point of my eardrums, and tightrope walk on the line between loud and unacceptably noisy. (Mostly I fall to the latter side). When you come over to my house, don’t politely remark that it’s “a bit noisy”. I won’t hear you, I’ll be busy drowning in sound. Turn the volume all the way up and while you’re at it, turn the bass up too. I beg of you, don’t hush my music. Turn it up because I long to be surrounded by throbbing, brilliant noise. Noise that’s alive and speaks to me in drum beats and vocals and chills down my back. I’m a loud person, and sometimes I need to drown my voice out in numbing and tingling waves of powerful beautiful music instead. Keep your mute button. I’ll stick with the bass running through the walls and sprinting through my chest. Keep your humming and singing softly, and keep it far away from me. Because I will scream these lyrics and I don’t care if you hear me. I’ll take my music loud, thanks, sprinkled with meaning and power and deep rhythm. Keep your hushed noise. I like my music loud.